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What is robot

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What is robot

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Finnish Robotics Association is based on friends in Microfan club in Tampere Finland.
Microfan is still alive, although many current FRA members are not related in Mikrofan in any way.
A FRA was estabilished 20.8.1999 in Tampere with 6 members.
Many current members are also radioamateurs.


Heikki Aumala
Markus Johansson
Jari Kangas
Vesa Korhonen
Jouko Nuuttila
Hannu Miettinen
Jorma Laajala
Henry Palonen
Juha Reijonaho
Pekka Ritamaki
Kari Toivokoski
Jaakko Lehtonen
Matvei Stepnov

Who is who in Robotics

* Activity

This club is based for building self made moving robots.

Club meetings are mostly weekend trips to southern Finland and robotics competitions.

The weekend is full of activities, with presentation, electronics and programming, buildings, sauna, swiming etc activities.
Robotics competitions are open for everybody.
There is no member fees, everything is free.
Our webpages are and discussion group

*Technics of the our robots

Basic rules for Finnish OFF-Road Robotics competition

The purpose of the competiton is to develope electronic, mechanical and problem solving abilities of the club members by a fun competition.
The competition place is outside in field where are threes, bushes, moor, sand road, hills. It has been held in Jami Air Show last years since 2006..
The time is normally at mid June during Jami Air show.
The route is randomly marked by the judge by four wooden stick, 1 meter height, 10 minutes before competition. The robots must circle these sticks outside.
The judge marks a line to ground by his foot at sand road. It is a start and a stop place.
The robots must fit inside 1*1*1 meter box. There is no other requirements.
The robot can not be a local or remote control by a human. Remote logging is allowed.
Starting and stopping can be done by a human
The fastest robot wins.
The competiton time is two hours. Many tries are allowed but always from the start.
There is no fees, prices depend on sponsors.
The team can have many robots.

++ Sensors
++ smart cameras
++ Motors
++ Motor controllers
++ CPU
++ Transmitters

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