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I think everybody remember Bob forever if he/she had an opportunity to met him.
When he entered in front of the audience he had his backpack and suspenders. Please look my picture.

He sold his books from backpack.
I have a rare book about How to avoid car accidents, with his signature inside. Also the book of analog troubleshooting.

Bob Pease show story Helsinki 2001:
The black suit men of National Semiconductor gave speeches after Bob. One German speaker told "This voltage is

I asked how he can be sure about this extraordinary accuracy. He didn't understand the question. I asked again how he has
measured this voltage. He didn't understand this question either. He said it written in this paper.
When the speech was over, Bob came into front, he had hear what I had asked.

"Let me explain".
"Hewlett Packard was designing a new high accuracy digital voltmeter. It needed a good reference IC. We didn't has a reference good enough for this task."
"I put four our best reference ICs to together with the resistors. The noise was reduced to square root of four. This was not enough for HP."

"I took four of these new references, but this was not good enough."
" Again I took four new references, but this was not good enough"
"But when I took four new references, this was good enough for the HP."
"That is how I got these figures"

Pekka Ritamaki/OH3GDO

What Bob thought about computer simulators:
"The paper from these simulator has good use under the canary birds"


Bob through a computer from roof of National Semiconductor

Bob:"This computer do not lie anymore tome"

tietokone_katolta.jpgBelow is picture of Bob's Office from Youtube video

Here is my picture to Bob at year 17.5.2001 at Helsinki Finland


Here is other


Bob last mailbox

Bob's autograph to me

Tribute to Bob Pease by National Semiconuctor

This was Bob's style to draw circuit diagram. Very clear and clever.
Who in the world is the second best?


Bigger image

Bob Dobkin ja Jim Williams'in haastattelu

Tässä on Youtube video Bob Peasen muistoksi


Here you can find all Bob Pease writing and pictures

Here are the most Bob Pease stuff in one pdf-file

More on Bob 2015

Bob loved analog circuits. Here has has got a soldering iron from flea market from Tim Regan from Linear Technology.
Bob was employed in National Semiconductor ( Now Texas Intruments).


Here Bob and Tim Regan from Linear Technology


Here is Bob's own hand drawn picture


Hear is Bob Pease in National Semiconductor




Here are some conversation between me and Bob 2002

We were conversating how to make charging current at wilderes without real charger, with thermocouple.

* Hello, Pekka, see at *
- Begin Included Message -

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Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 23:56:23 +0300 (EEST)
From: if.ics|irp#if.ics|irp
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Subject: Power from thermoelemets for GSM from fire

Dear Bob
It was the highlight for life to me when I could see you at work
(designing a very low power circuit) in Helsinki/Finland last year.

-- A new problem --

I read that in 1800-century people make high current from thermo
elements using very low impedance i.e. heavy wires. The internal
impedance of thermo element is same as resistance of circuit.
*** True, so the output could be a lot of current at
low impedance, BUT:
the wires have high thermal conductance as well as
high electrical conductance, so it takes a LOT of
watts of THERMAL input to generate a big difference,
in temp.

*** FURTHER: metals have LOW thermocouples such as
100 to 200 UV per degree C. Semiconductors have
much higher UV per degree C, so you don't need as
many couples to generate decent voltages. Also
their thermal conductance is LOWER.

*** Of course, if you get the semiconductor ones very hot,
they tend to melt!

I think that charging a cellular phones or 12V batteries could be
possible with thermo junctions.
*** Of course, but I refuse to re-invent the wheel!

Using two cheap metals, copper and iron, it may be possible to build a
device, which gives enough voltage and current to charge 12-volt
battery. *** Yes, POSSIBLE, but inefficient.

I assume 40.7 uV/Centigrade voltage for one junction (K-element). It not
rights for Fe/Cu, but maybe close enough.
Using 2mm diameter barb wire (3.14 square mm) gives a lot a current,
length = 100mm. With 600 pieces of the thermocouples in series we get
about 24 mV/C. Then we need only 500 C difference for cold and hot end.
Hot end can be made putting wires to fire (600 C).
*** You have to be careful they do not melt or oxidize or burn up!

How about cool end?
Do they get hot too? Yes, but if they are in boiling water (100C), there
is 500 degrees difference. Wrapping 600 wires together and making a
small pot using ceramic material, it may be possible to build such
experimental charger for campers like me.
*** You are the guy who indicates he has snow at -22 degrees C!
That should help the effciency a LOT!

What do you think? Is it possible,
*** Yes. (But just barely.)

too heavy,
*** Yes, too bulky, and too inefficient.

or some math error? Metals
can not be directly in water.
*** You are wise to foresee these little problems!

I attach some pictures from last winter field day trip to national park
( "Seitseminen") in Finland. We had problems to get fire to an old
cottage in middle of wilderness. The temperature was -22 C in 28 January
2002 in Finland. We got also 2 feet new, soft snow. This made skis
impossible to use.
*** I would say, no, just hard to make much progress, for
the first man - the man breaking trail. After that,
every other skier should find it easy! If you have 12
guys, they just have to take turns!

Anyway we get radios working after heavy working.

I would like some articles from you like "What is this high current
It's not clear there is a LOT of interest in this,
but I will keep my eyes open.

or "What is this high voltage stuff"
Likewise, it's not clear there is a lot of interest in THIS,
but I will keep my eyes open.

*** best regards. /rap


Pekka Ritamaki

Memories collected by Pekka OH3GDO 2012 and 2015

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